Small Solutions to Big Problems

In 2008, a few seasoned entrepreneurs founded Nuvotronics with a simple but grand vision – to revolutionize microelectronics hardware. These entrepreneurs, and the small team they led, set about to commercialize PolyStrata® Technology, a disruptive 3D microcoax architecture. After outgrowing the original facility in the Virginia Technology Corridor, Nuvotronics added a second location near North Carolina’s technology-dense Research Triangle Park. Today the rapidly growing company is led by a core group of those same entrepreneurs, supported by a management and operations team with an impressive resume of success delivering products to commercial and government customers. With 80,000 square feet of combined facility space and a track record of delivering disruptive technology, that vision has now become a reality.

Research Triangle Park
Nuvotronics facility in Research Triangle Park

The cornerstone of our innovation platform is our PolyStrata® architecture. The technology was derived from the award-winning DARPA 3D-MERFS program. Nuvotronics has continued to invest in innovative technology over the years, currently managing an extensive patent portfolio. The company has a proven track record of commercializing its intellectual property through product development as well as through licensing arrangements.

PolyStrata Air Coax
PolyStrata Architecture